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Maryland Landscapes


I’ve spent most of my life in Maryland and it is some of the prettiest countryside in the US.

I lived in the country, horse country. These photographs are mostly of Baltimore County and some other parts of Maryland’s countryside. I keep my camera in my car 100% of the time. With digital photography it really doesn’t matter how hot or cold the camera gets because digital cameras can function in extremes, 110 degrees or 10 below they still work, amazing.

When doing the Loch Raven book I didn’t remove the camera from the car at all for three years, that’s the best camera, the one you have with you. Most photographic portfolios are about 16 to 20 images. For a bank client I needed 55 images of Baltimore County which is a pretty difficult task. I had enough because I always keep my camera available.

This selection of photos follow no path or idea but were done over the years of places I liked. The lighting was just right and I snapped a photo.